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Everything you need to know about lunges

Lunges are a key functional exercise for your legs and one of the best ways to engage and shape your behind!

In practice, the movement of a lunge improves our core strength and stability. Plus, the many lunge variations build our muscles and power for daily activities and provide us with a solid foundation for pursuing our fitness goals.

How to do a proper lunge

Proper lunge technique is crucial because how you perform a movement can change what muscles are activated or even cause injury if done improperly. Next time you do a lunge, keep these tips in mind.

  • Start with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Fully step forward with one foot and bend your knee 90-degrees towards the floor.
  • Keep your hips and shoulders even and square to the front.
  • Always make sure that your knees are in line with your toes and lift your chest and engage your core before executing the movement.

Pro tip: The key to engaging your glutes is achieving a full range of motion.

Add some variety!

Variations are essential to being fit and healthy as they keep your muscles challenged by surprising them with new movements. Plus, it’s always more fun to add some variety to your training, keeping your relationship to fitness a positive one.

All of the variations we mention below can be found in Seven. Enjoy!

Beginner Lunges

Beginners should always start with the basics and master the movement first, so we recommend starting with regular Lunges (see above).

Important: Please note that if you have injuries or any health concerns, you should always consult your doctor before engaging in any new or vigorous exercise.

While following the doctor’s orders of course, if you’re suffering from an injury or other movement difficulties, you can work on strengthening your legs to help protect the areas of weakness. In these cases, we recommend doing Step Ups or Single Legged Wall Sit. These exercises will help you work on your muscle strength so that you can perform a regular lunge safely.

Step Ups
Single Leg Wall Sit


We all have different areas of interest when it comes to achieving fitness results. If you want to target the inner part your legs, a good exercise to try is Lateral Lunges. These lunges effectively engage the muscles on the inside of your legs, while still tightening your glutes.

A complementary lunge variation is Curtsy Lunges which concentrates on the outer part of the legs and works the hips and glutes too.

Boost Balance & Strength

Regular lunges are extremely functional due to the amount of balance and coordination required to perform them. To further enhance the benefits of lunges, try variations like Rear Lunges to High Knee Lunges or Knee Tap Reverse Lunges as they require even more complex movements with varying levels of starting positions.

Need a challenge?

Adding a jump to your lunges will help get your heart rate up, burn more calorie and provide more efficient results. Split Jumps or Lunges to Squat Jump are great examples of combining cardio with strength training for an optimum workout.

Split Jumps
Lunges To Squat Jump

To get better results and have more energy in your daily life, variations are key. Whether you work in front of the computer or in the great outdoors, variations will ensure you have balance in different muscle groups, preventing injury and promoting longevity.

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