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Getting started with the Full Body Workout

Are you new to Seven? Trying the Full Body workout is a great place to start!

Why the ‘Full Body Workout’ ?

Created with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in mind and free to all users, the Full Body workout is essential to any fitness plan. Simple and effective, the full body workout engages all the major muscle groups, gets your heart rate up to an optimum level for fat burning, requires little equipment and can be completed in about 7 minutes.

What’s HIIT?

To be considered a HIIT workout, it must include training that involves short periods of intense work and short periods of recovery, while exercises must also vary in intensity throughout the workout. What makes Seven so unique is that it combines HIIT cardio and strength training, benefiting your cardiovascular health, improving your general fitness and strength all at the same time.

Make your workout more challenging

You can increase the amount of circuits you do while also increasing the total time of your workout. Simply tap ‘Setup’ in the top right corner of the workout screen, and then select ‘Circuits’ as demonstrated below. Here, you can adjust your workout to include up to five circuits or 39:50 Minutes in total!

Keep up with your workouts, and be sure to workout for 7 Minutes everyday! Feel free to reach out to us for more tips @SevenWorkouts.