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How To Make Working Out Social

It's no secret that having a workout buddy can boost your motivation, keep you accountable and make exercising more fun!

Ignite friendly competition, celebrate your progress and get inspired by your friend's routines, Seven helps you discover the very best parts of making your workouts social.

Join Live Sessions

One of the best places to find workout buddies in Seven is through Live sessions. Live workouts are free to join and you can chat with fellow Seven users before and after the session. You’ll always find a friendly face to cheer you on or become your new accountability partner.

Discover Your League

If you're a fan of friendly competition then look no further than Seven’s Leagues. Each week you’ll be placed on a Leaderboard with 30 other workout buddies on Seven. Stay motivated and watch your motivation rise as the competition heats up.

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Start A Duel

Ready to meet your match with a Duel on Seven? Simply tap on Duels in your Profile to invite a friend or let Seven randomly match you with another user! A great way to meet new workout buddies and stay accountable for your workouts this week. Ready, set, go!

Invite Friends

You can invite your friends to Seven and earn rewards! If you don’t subscribe to the 7 Club, inviting friends is a great way to earn new exercises for your Custom and Freestyle workouts - just make sure they create an account and complete a workout.

7 Club members can invite your pals and gift them a 30 day guest pass to enjoy the best of what Seven has to offer.

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