7 Minute Workout
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The science behind Seven

Are 7 minute workouts effective? It’s a question we often hear, and the answer is yes!

What does the science say?

Seven is founded on scientific research that high intensity workouts with as little as 7 minutes gives you the majority of the benefits of working out regularly. So, by doing Seven daily you get 80% of all benefits of working out regularly in the shortest possible time.

HIIT workouts include short bursts of intense bodyweight exercise. The research shows that this type of workout is better for fat burning than steady-state cardio (think: running at a steady pace for extended periods of time).

Learn more about HIIT here.

An added benefit? The quick rest intervals in Seven not only keep your workouts short, they help keep your heart rate up, boosting your cardio fitness.

Make it work for you

Master the basics

To make your workouts more effective and reduce the risk of injury, make sure to master the basics before moving on to more advanced exercises. Remember; perfecting your form will be better for your fitness than adding weights and extra reps before your body is ready. Whether it’s squats, lunges or crunches, we’ve got you covered with our handy guides.

Consistency is key.

As with all effective workout programmes, change takes time. You'll need to commit to your workouts for around 8 weeks to notice physical changes (but you'll probably notice yourself feeling fitter long before that!).

Make every second count.

7 minute workouts mean maximum results in a minimum time, but you'll need to make every minute count! The standard setting in Seven with 30 second active intervals with 10 seconds rest allows you to get the most out of your HIIT workouts.

The takeaway

All it takes is 7 minutes to feel the benefits of regular workouts. Get started today with Seven’s free Full Body workout to boost your mood, burn fat and work all major muscle groups in one short burst.

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