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What is the 7 Month Challenge?

The 7 Month Challenge is designed to help you make working out a habit. The rules are simple: work out every day for 7 Months!

What counts?

Every workout counts, as long as it’s over 7 minutes.

Remember: even your workouts outside of Seven count towards the 7 Month Challenge. Whether it’s Walking, Pilates, Football or Skiing, just tap the ‘Add’ button directly from your profile to log your other workouts.

To make it even easier, enable Apple Health/Google Fit in Seven settings to automatically sync your workouts.

What if I skip a day?

Everyone needs a break sometimes. That’s why every month you'll get 3 hearts that act as 'lives'. Miss a workout day, and you lose a heart. If you lose all your hearts, it’s game over and your next workout will start a new attempt.

You also have 30 pause days to use whenever you need an extra break. Simply tap the pause button in your 7 Month Challenge section.

What happens when I finish?

You’ll earn the 7 Month Challenge Achievement in Seven, and you’ll have made working out a habit while you’re at it.

See how long you can keep your streak going, and don’t forget to share your progress with us @SevenWorkouts!