Exercise during pregnancy

How To Exercise During Pregnancy

Keeping fit and active is a great way to ensure a healthy pregnancy, reducing your risk for gestational diabetes and preparing your body for birth. It can also be a great way to relieve common discomforts like bloating, swelling, and constipation.

Stationary biking, swimming, walking, yoga and strength training (albeit with lighter weights) can all be great options, as well as Seven’s Pregnancy workout specifically designed for moms-to-be!

While exercise during pregnancy is generally recommended, always be sure to consult with your doctor first.

Workout tips

  • If you were active pre-pregnancy, be mindful of your body's changing needs and reduce your pace if needed
  • If you're just starting to get active, take it slowly and don't overdo it
  • Always include a warm-up and a cool down
  • Avoid getting dehydrated and overheating (steer clear of intense exercise in hot weather)
  • Aim for 30 minutes of exercise per day, even if it's just a walk!

What to avoid


The pregnancy hormone ‘relaxin’ helps to prepare your uterus and relax ligaments around your pelvis for labor. However, relaxin can lubricate the joints and ligaments which can easily lead to over-stretching during activities like yoga.

Strenuous exercise

As a general rule of thumb, overly strenuous exercise is best avoided, especially if you weren't active prior to getting pregnant. If you're unsure how much effort is considered too much, aim to exercise at a pace where you can still maintain a conversation while working out.

Contact sports

Avoid taking part in any activities where you're at risk of being hit or falling, such as judo, tennis, rugby (even contactless), football or squash.