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5 Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

Getting fit doesn't have to be a solitary process. In fact, working out with a buddy has a whole bunch of benefits for both your mental and physical health!

We’ve all had those days when our motivations drops and we just can't push as hard as we want to. The good news? You can easily kick that feeling to the curb by finding workout buddy! Read on to learn the top 5 ways that having a fitness buddy can impact your fitness journey (and where to find one!):

1. Making excuses will get harder

Making a promise to workout together will make that sweat session all the harder to skip. Your buddy is counting on you to show up!

2. Your workouts will be more fun

Working out with a friend has been shown to help you get more enjoyment out of physical activity! Make it a game, make it a competition or just laugh at the crazy facial expressions you both make during that last round of jump squats.

3. You can to try new routines together

If you’re nervous to try a new exercise or fitness class, having a buddy there can make you feel at ease. If your friend knows the ropes then follow her lead, but chances are she’s a newbie too.

4. You’ll push yourself harder

It’s widely accepted that we’re willing to try harder when we know we’re being watched. Studies have shown that this reaction is even more prevalent when we’re exercising with someone fitter than us! Top tip: find a workout buddy who’s slightly more in shape. You’ll naturally want to push yourself harder to keep up!

5. You’ll reach your goals faster

Social support has been proven to help us achieve our goals - we all need a pep talk sometimes! When you’re not seeing results and the idea of quitting seems tempting, reach out to your workout buddy. They’ll remind you of all the reasons you started and how much progress you have made until this point.

So where can I find a workout buddy?

Sweat with bae

Couples who sweat together stay together. We’re not kidding! Working out with your partner not only has a range of physical benefits, but it can even improve the health of your relationship. Contrary to popular belief, sweating together can also increase your mutual attraction. Who says you can’t get hot and sweaty together outside the bedroom?

Involve your colleagues

This is particularly important if you have a sedentary office job. Grab your desk buddy and smash a 7 minute workout in your coffee break! It’ll perk you up more than the caffeine and will help you feel more connected with your colleagues. Win win.

Grab a friend

This one goes without saying. Cheer each other on or spark a little healthy competition by swapping your movie night for a gym sesh. Alternatively, make your Saturday brunch even more delicious by getting a workout in before you order that avocado toast!

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