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Working Out

How To Maximize Your Calorie Burn

Want to know how to get better results from your workouts? Here is Seven’s collection of tips on how to burn more calories before, during and after your workout.

Strength training

While you can burn calories during a cardio session, strength training is an underrated calorie burner that actually boosts your metabolism long after you’ve stopped working out.

During strength training, the body experiences below-normal levels of oxygen (ie. an oxygen deficit) pushing your body to play catch up by consuming excess oxygen post exercise resulting in 6-15% more calories burned throughout the rest of the day and night. Plus, improving your metabolism has positive effects on your health that go beyond burning calories like lowering your blood pressure and increasing your cardiovascular health.


Research has shown that 27-minute sessions of high intensity interval training (HIIT) three times a week produces the same anaerobic and aerobic benefits as 60 minutes of cardio training, five times a week. Less time, same results! Most of Seven’s workouts are HIIT workouts, just select your favorite and start training today.

Watch your form

Keeping your muscles enagged throughout every exercise, and mainting a strong core can help you keep burning those calories efficiently throughout your sessions. Like to run? Getting the technique right can also help you speed up your pace so you can run a longer distance in a shorter time, and burn up to 15% more calories!

Crank the beats

According to research, creating a good playlist and listening to it while you train can help you workout for up to 20% longer, burning more calories in the process! Music has proven to help athletes ignore signs of fatigue, get in the zone and keep a quick pace by synchronizing their movements to the beat.

Add more weight

Using heavier weights and reducing repetitions is a great way to burn more calories during strength workouts. This is because heavier weights promote protein breakdown in the muscles, forcing your body to use more energy to recover.

Find a workout buddy

Having a workout buddy has been shown to help you stay committed to your workouts, train harder and reach your goals faster. Want to learn more? Discover the full list of benefits of working out with a buddy (and where to find one) here.

A healthy and satisfying diet is key to seeing results. Find out how to fuel your workouts with Seven's top nutrition tips!